Declaration on Current Injustice Situation

Declaration on Current Injustice Situation
1.To ordain as a monk is as same as reborn as the Lord Buddha’s son and follow the discipline of the Lord Buddha or Tripikana. The age of the monkhood will start to count from day 1 of ordination as a monk. A senior man that might have just ordain as a monk today will have to pay respect and bow to the young monk of age 20 year old who has ordained many years before.

2. Compared to this case in General, the detained accused monk must be executed by law before any trial and verdict. With the reason given, ‘If the accused is innocent, he/she will be reincarnated’, which everyone agrees that the law is unfair.

3. Thai laws currently discriminate against monks. That is like a monk is being accused in criminal cases. If the officers consider that the accused monk must be detained, or the court does not allow the bail, it must be immediately extinguished even though the cases have not yet been sentenced. Can simplify as “If not wrong, he can re-ordained.”

4. In the past there were many monks been defrocked because the officers refused to allow the bail. One sample case, The Venerable Udom the abbot of Wat Thep Sirin under accused of the law-suite as well it was a big news in those days. But in the end the court read his verdict that he was innocent. There was no one take responsible on this wrong judgement. And the Venerable Udom have to face the injustice for his whole life.

5. The legal system in Thailand has been described as no jury trials therefore a single judge decides trials for misdemeanors. As a result, monks can be defrocked before investigate the case anytime.

6. As an example, Wat Dhammakaya is being accused with more than 300 cases in just one month. And there is a policy accommodating the lawsuit that with every single case the accused will be detained with an objection for a bail. This is very risking that the monk will be defrocked. Even though the court still yet to trial and sentence the case but the verdict will be made and the monk will be dead from the monkhood.

7. Islam also requesting for their Saari Ahmad’s law. Therefore, it is time to revoke this improper and injustice law as this will be a tool to destroyer the Buddhism. And kill monks from their monkhood.


1.Do not defrock the monk if the case is pending trial and sentence with justice
​2.Do not apply the act of accusing the monks
3.Any cases of the monks shall assign and authorize the Monk Court with the
monk community representative to participate in the justice process.​
4.The case trial should be conducted in an appropriate temple which should not cause a negative image to the monk who is being accused but under the justice process
5.For the major case and under global attention should invite the Buddhist Organization worldwide to participate in the justice process as well. As the monks from around the world is following the same discipline of the Lord Buddha.

Stop executing the monks from their monkhood and stop the act accusing to the monks.