Declaration on Current Injustice Situation

Declaration on Current Injustice Situation
1.To ordain as a monk is as same as reborn as the Lord Buddha’s son and follow the discipline of the Lord Buddha or Tripikana. The age of the monkhood will start to count from day 1 of ordination as a monk. A senior man that might have just ordain as a monk today will have to pay respect and bow to the young monk of age 20 year old who has ordained many years before.

2. Compared to this case in General, the detained accused monk must be executed by law before any trial and verdict. With the reason given, ‘If the accused is innocent, he/she will be reincarnated’, which everyone agrees that the law is unfair.

3. Thai laws currently discriminate against monks. That is like a monk is being accused in criminal cases. If the officers consider that the accused monk must be detained, or the court does not allow the bail, it must be immediately extinguished even though the cases have not yet been sentenced. Can simplify as “If not wrong, he can re-ordained.”

4. In the past there were many monks been defrocked because the officers refused to allow the bail. One sample case, The Venerable Udom the abbot of Wat Thep Sirin under accused of the law-suite as well it was a big news in those days. But in the end the court read his verdict that he was innocent. There was no one take responsible on this wrong judgement. And the Venerable Udom have to face the injustice for his whole life. Read more

Elucidation of Rattanavej Paramedics

Elucidation of Rattanavej Paramedics, the Volunteer Medical team of Wat Phra Dhammakaya

From the tragedies in which 2 people died due to execution of article 44 that closes all accesses of Wat Phra Dhammakaya, the volunteer medical unit of Wat Phra Dhammakaya and Ratanavej Paramedics are deeply grievous and downhearted. We do not want an incident like this to happen again; therefore, we look for measures to protect and take appropriate care of patients with all our might as much as the current situation permits. The Volunteer Medical unit of Wat Phra Dhammakaya and Ratanavej Paramedics are experienced in giving healthcare to multitude of people, as well as, efficient transference. Besides, we have received clemency and collaboration from the government agency, the 1669 Volunteer Paramedics, all along. Unfortunately, when article 44 is implemented, the efficiency of communications, transportation and collaboration has dropped. Therefore, we would like to plead DSI and the government to have sympathy and conduct mission based on the basic rights of people, the principle of Human Rights and the rights of patient, as follows.

Revoke article 44 and all blockades around Wat Phra Dhammakaya

Cancel the cutoff of telephone signal, internet connection and all communications

Be more lenient with Ratanavej Paramedics staffs’ commute, e.g. making a special pass for the staffs to reduce the time spent for coordination.

Provide an internationally neutral medical unit, e.g. the international Red Cross to give people healthcare in the area affected from the blockades, especially, people living in Khlong Song, Khlong Sam and Khlong See. Read more

United Lawyers for Rights and Liberty

Official statement
United Lawyers for Rights and Liberty

Issue 1/2560

Law is a tool that is used to maintain serenity of the society; therefore, legal provisions and application of law are based on these principles, i.e.
1. Justice,by nature and by common sense of person of ordinary prudence
2. Holiness, adhering to jurisprudence, it must be accepted by people.
Announcements or orders of the NCPO, believed by the NCPO as laws and being applied to people, actually contrast with jurisprudence and justice by nature and common sense of person of ordinary prudence. Some even violate the International Human Rights.
Executing article 44 of the constitution (interim) 2014 in many cases is apparent to people. When legislation of laws or any regulation is done without justice or common sense of person of ordinary prudence, that legislation of law or regulation will be lacking of holiness causing loss of faith and opposition from people whom that law is applied to. And this is danger to the national administration in ruling the country under the shade of peace.
We, United Lawyers for Rights and Liberty, is giving this official statement to oppose the execution of article 44 towards WatPhraDhammakaya, and it is clearly seen that the execution contrasts with the aforementioned principles. About this, due to our concern about the serenity and peace of people as a whole, we see that active laws and the process of judgment under criminal law has neither been demolished nor lacking of sanctions.

United Lawyers for Rights and Liberty
March 1, 2017 Read more

People in Newcastle run a peace acitivity

People in Newcastle run a peace acitivity named ‘Pray for Peace’ to stop vioence in Thailand.

On March 1, 2017, a group of people in Hebburn, near Newcastle upon Tyne UK, joined together in a peace event named “Pray for Peace”.
This was to demonstrate strength and support in stopping violence in Thailand, due to the military government using a dictator’s law on a Buddhist temple.

This situation has consequently has negatively affected around ten thousand monks and people living there.
In the event, people sang a peace song and remembered to those who have lost their lives because of this crisis. They planted peace flags and did hand painting together to “STOP VIOLENCE.” Read more

Measures to control the area of Wat Phra Dhammakaya

Measures to control the area of WatPhraDhammakaya in order to increase efficiency in reinforcing laws and regulations according to the order of the head of National Council for Peace and Order

(1) To control all accesses to and from the controlled area.
(2) To order anybody to leave the site within limited time or order anybody to enter any area for the benefit of the control and security, or order people to refrain from any act that will interfere or hinder the officials’ operation.
(3) To order anybody to report or give a statement to the officials, as well as, to hand in any paperwork or evidence related to offences.
(4) To arrest anybody committing flagrant offence, control and transfer that arrestee to inquiry officials in order to carry on the legal implementation.
(5) To implement to control the system of public utility, communications, drone usage, as well as, to designate measures and other operations in order to control or sustain security.
(6) To raid any residence or any place and inspect anybody and any vehicle.
(7) To demolish, destroy or relocate any construction or barrier
(8) To implement other necessary operation if needed.

Anybody who obstructs, violates or refuses to comply with the officials’ command will, according to this order, be imprisoned for no longer than 1 year or fined no more than 20,000 Baht or both. Read more

Elucidation of Wat Phra Dhammakaya

Elucidation of Wat Phra Dhammakaya

March 3, 2017 at 9AM

It is the 16th day that Wat Phra Dhammakaya’s Human Rights has been violated.

(1) Clarification on the death of Miss Pattana Chiangraeng

1.1 Phra Maha Noppon contacted DSI officials at 1.31PM, after recognition of the death, and was in the last group that went there on purpose of coordination.

1.2 From the deceased person’s Line, she could contact and notify another person about her need of inhaler because she was behind the temple’s area, approximately 1.5 kilometers away, so she got some phone signal, though it was weak and unstable. But in the temple’s area, a contact is very difficult to make and more likely not working.

1.3 1669 Paramedics was contacted after the Ratanavej Paramedics was stuck at checkpoints and blocked gates.

1.4 We insist that the residence of the deceased person is located outside the temple, but is still in the controlled area according to article 44.

1.5 We insist that the deceased person was in the medical field, so obviously, she perceived her own illness well, that was the reason why she asked for “inhaler” from her nurse friend to cease her acute symptom. Unfortunately, her friend was stuck at checkpoints because it was in the controlled area according to article 44 and had to go through 5 checkpoints and the phone signal was cut off due to article 44, and that caused her death. Read more

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