Measures to control the area of Wat Phra Dhammakaya

Measures to control the area of WatPhraDhammakaya in order to increase efficiency in reinforcing laws and regulations according to the order of the head of National Council for Peace and Order

(1) To control all accesses to and from the controlled area.
(2) To order anybody to leave the site within limited time or order anybody to enter any area for the benefit of the control and security, or order people to refrain from any act that will interfere or hinder the officials’ operation.
(3) To order anybody to report or give a statement to the officials, as well as, to hand in any paperwork or evidence related to offences.
(4) To arrest anybody committing flagrant offence, control and transfer that arrestee to inquiry officials in order to carry on the legal implementation.
(5) To implement to control the system of public utility, communications, drone usage, as well as, to designate measures and other operations in order to control or sustain security.
(6) To raid any residence or any place and inspect anybody and any vehicle.
(7) To demolish, destroy or relocate any construction or barrier
(8) To implement other necessary operation if needed.

Anybody who obstructs, violates or refuses to comply with the officials’ command will, according to this order, be imprisoned for no longer than 1 year or fined no more than 20,000 Baht or both.