People in Newcastle run a peace acitivity

People in Newcastle run a peace acitivity named ‘Pray for Peace’ to stop vioence in Thailand.

On March 1, 2017, a group of people in Hebburn, near Newcastle upon Tyne UK, joined together in a peace event named “Pray for Peace”.
This was to demonstrate strength and support in stopping violence in Thailand, due to the military government using a dictator’s law on a Buddhist temple.

This situation has consequently has negatively affected around ten thousand monks and people living there.
In the event, people sang a peace song and remembered to those who have lost their lives because of this crisis. They planted peace flags and did hand painting together to “STOP VIOLENCE.”

Mrs.Nicola Emerson said,
“I am very sad to hear about all the violence happening at the Buddhist temple in Thailand. Buddhism to me signifies peace and my association with the Buddhist monks here in the UK has been nothing but peace, happiness and hopefulness and I just believe that nothing can ever be solved by violence. There has to be another way.
We all have to join together and stand up for what is right. There has to be other ways apart from violence and now we have heard about the deaths over there. Nobody should have sacrificed their life for something like this and we pray for a peaceful result to this.”

Mrs.Lisa Bamburry said,
“Yes, I agree with my friend she just mentioned that nobody should sacrifice their lives in protest of something that symbolise peace. Personally, I don’t follow politics because I believe all politics there is a lot of corruptions, there is a lot of bias and what I can’t really understand is why in Thailand there is just one sided from the military. Why it’s not opened to the world globally? Why are they treating people in these ways? People want to know more answers. So the question is really how do we find more the truth and more the answers.”