In Every Crisis, There is an Opportunity

In Every Crisis, There is an Opportunity. We hear this phrase so often that it becomes just one of those words. What Dhammakaya temple is facing looks like a crisis but in fact it is an opportunity to propagate the sought-after religion concept or Vicca Dhammakaya.

At this time, more than one billion eyes around the world are watching Dhammakaya and wondering what it is and what kind of religion it is. They are watching this news coverage through international media channel or their own one which are not distorted by government like what happens in Thailand.

What the world is yearning for the most at this time is “peace”. We can tell whether it is a real “peace” or just a propaganda one when they are tested in the critical situation.


One short teaching that is used both as a principle of practice and as a strategic combat is “Clarify your mind, don’t look at others as your opponent”. Be friend with those who is going to kill you.

By practicing this, Dhammakaya people is being admired by many people around the world. People will accept Dhammakaya without any dispute. Dhammakaya organization is the only one organization in the world that will bring happiness and peace to this world.

Don’t think that we are here just to protect our temple and our religion. In fact, we are propagating Vicca Dhammakaya and Buddhism to the world.


We are doing the important task for the world. Similar to Phra Sona-Uttara in the past that introduced Buddhism to Suwannaphumi region.

While the World is watching the current event in Dhammakaya temple, the whole World becomes a judge for this event. If there is something inappropriate or unfair, those judges won’t ignore it. Believe me!!

#Don’t think that Dhammakaya fights alone. Virtue emerges from this test. Through this test, it proves to the world that Dhammakaya has the real virtue that they can embrace it without condition or dispute.