Second Death Caused by Article 44

Rest in Peace: Second Death Caused by Article 44

There was an alert that a woman experiencing an asthma attack asked for an inhaler at 11.29 AM. She was residing behind the temple in the 58 rai area. Typically, traveling from the medical clinic, taking a route along Khlong L, would take approximately 10 minutes. But, the medical clinic volunteer who went was obstructed by the blockade setup by the soldiers and police officers behind the temple. These officers have no decision-making power. Permission to pass must be obtained from DSI officials only.

The medical clinic then contacted paramedics to come pick up the patient, but their ambulance was not permitted to pick up patients elsewhere, only at Gate 7 (at the front of the temple). So, the medical clinic volunteer said she had to waste time in backtracking all the way to Gate 7, on the other side of the temple, to request permission and lead the ambulance to meet the patient. When they reached the patient at 12.35 PM, they discovered the patient had already passed away.

The time spent contacting and obtaining permission from state officials took 1 hr and 10 minutes. During the whole process, the now deceased patient could not be reached due to a blocked mobile signal.

(Name of the deceased: Miss Patana Chiangraeng, age 48, from Payao, Thailand)

Communications Department,
Wat Phra Dhammakaya