Why don’t we trust them?

Why don’t we trust them?
The temple has requested them to inform charge at the temple since Luangphor is ill and cannot travel outside. But DSI has refused to do that. Actually it can be done anywhere and anytime. If they had informed him at that time, the case would have already been done.
Lie? Suspicious? What do they want?

Every lawyer said that the charge can be informed anywhere. But Attorney Kajornsak states that it can’t done that way.

“If you can inform the charges at Klong Luang, why can’t you inform at the temple”
Notice that. Why it has to be at DSI?
Mr. Poramate Indarachumnum
Deputy director of Attorney Department, Criminal Lawsuit Division

According to law Article 29, it is prohibited to incarcerate monk. To do so, the monk has to be disrobed first.
There was a case that the prisoner hung himself to the hinge with the sock but an autopsy shows that his death is due hepartorrhexis. It happened inside single cell of DSI prison. There are other suspicious action such as the CCTV camera in that room was broken. This makes us distrust them more.